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This is the disclaimer to say that anything I post on here in the future is not allowed to be copied or plagarised. I have the right to copyright all material I post on here and anyone that attempts to copy my work will be dealt with.

Thank you.



6 thoughts on “Copyright disclaimer

  1. Just points of fact not criticism as I offered:

    Serial killers are a very specific type of killer and their motivations are well documented. You seem to say that this killer has been watching his target for years. Is this your intention? Does this mean he has gone for years without killing whilst watching his next target? Or has he been killing others in the meantime? If so why not the target described?

    This is just from the perspective of what we know about serial killers – they usually kill sequentially, they have an inner compulsion often described as sexual, to kill. The tension builds and then drops after they have killed. It begins to build again.

    It depends how much you want your killer to match with what we know – or whether you want to invent a completely new characterisation.

    Anyway, these are just my immediate observations on points of fact.
    Good luck it seems like an intriguing read.

    • Thank you Jane. You often find that people will not be constructive in fear of backlash, but I have welcomed it from the start. The missing years of killings will all become clear in the book and the prequel that is being written next.

  2. Having read the synopsis I was intrigued to read the 6 chapters which were funny, interesting and I actually couldn’t stop reading! I liked the style of writing and you feel as if you are actually there and get lost in it. (in a good way).

  3. The synopsis sums the book up pretty well from what ive read so far, but doesnt actually give you the feeling of the horror and terror of the victims. I found it pretty scarey and really gory, so read at your peril.
    A great book!

    • Thank you Irene. You love the gore and being scared, especially by me. You too have been with me from the start and I thank you for your praise, constructive views and honesty.

      J W P

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