Tim had an aimlessly normal life. A monotonous hospital job, the ex-girlfriend who left him for a taller, sexier, richer man and the dragging solitude of his single life in the games console/men’s magazine hell that had made him accustomed to lounging around on a daily basis.

That was until the morning he woke up and found an ornamental polar bear next to his washing up. It was at that point that his life became one of paranoia, pain and anguish.

Where had it come from? Who had brought it into his flat? How had it appeared in the flat without him noticing? And who the hell leaves someone an ornamental polar bear?

As the year goes by, Tim receives item after item from his mystery altruist. He becomes blasé until one gift goes missing and turns up again the next day cleaner. It was at that point that Tim started to worry again.

Detective Adam Ryder was a newly promoted Constable who had recently been partnered with Trevor Landis; an almost retired Detective Inspector whose last case involved his partner going missing. Adam, with his new investigative eyes, appeared to pick up on something almost immediately but Trevor was not going to be easy to convince; especially with them having to work with two of the most haphazard, lazy, crooked Detectives on the force. However, when a man turns up at the station with a box full of evidence, the pieces start to fit into place and it is then that Adam and Trevor realise how close they have been.

In the middle of the night he waits and watches his victims, sometimes for many weeks, to gather their routine and look for ways to make the kill easier for him. He had a plan and nobody was going to get in the way of it being completed. Tim needed to know how extra special he was to him. After his first victim, he looked around and chose an ideal gift for him. “Tim will like this” he thought.

Travel with the killer in his childhood to try and gain some of the reasons why he became the person that he did. Finally allow me to introduce you to the person who took it upon himself to change his life forever.