Tim had an aimlessly normal life. A monotonous hospital job, the ex-girlfriend who left him for a taller, sexier, richer man and the dragging solitude of his single life in the games console/men’s magazine hell that had made him accustomed to lounging around on a daily basis.

That was until the morning he woke up and found an ornamental polar bear next to his washing up. It was at that point that his life became one of paranoia, pain and anguish.

Where had it come from? Who had brought it into his flat? How had it appeared in the flat without him noticing? And who the hell leaves someone an ornamental polar bear?

As the year goes by, Tim receives item after item from his mystery altruist. He becomes blasé until one gift goes missing and turns up again the next day cleaner. It was at that point that Tim started to worry again.

Detective Adam Ryder was a newly promoted Constable who had recently been partnered with Trevor Landis; an almost retired Detective Inspector whose last case involved his partner going missing. Adam, with his new investigative eyes, appeared to pick up on something almost immediately but Trevor was not going to be easy to convince; especially with them having to work with two of the most haphazard, lazy, crooked Detectives on the force. However, when a man turns up at the station with a box full of evidence, the pieces start to fit into place and it is then that Adam and Trevor realise how close they have been.

In the middle of the night he waits and watches his victims, sometimes for many weeks, to gather their routine and look for ways to make the kill easier for him. He had a plan and nobody was going to get in the way of it being completed. Tim needed to know how extra special he was to him. After his first victim, he looked around and chose an ideal gift for him. “Tim will like this” he thought.

Travel with the killer in his childhood to try and gain some of the reasons why he became the person that he did. Finally allow me to introduce you to the person who took it upon himself to change his life forever.


63 thoughts on “Synopsis

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  2. WHOA Jamie… when are you going to be writing this…. can’t wait.. actually reminds me a wee bit of Stephen King style GREAT xx

    • I have wrote it. I am just waiting for a publisher and/or literary agent to take it and run with it.
      Thank you for your lovely comment.


  3. Covers all aspects of the story and grasps your interest enough to want to know more without giving too much of the plot away.

  4. Ive not had chance to read your chapters when you posted them months ago due to college overload but that synopsis has got my attention much like a psychological thriller novel would do … seems on par with James Herbert’s The Others and that was a book i couldn’t put down and i doubt i would put this book down if i get chance of a copy 🙂 A book with a good synopsis that hooks you in before you read it is always guaranteed to be an epic read and one that takes you on a journey as you want to discover and know more

    Well done Jamie

    • Thank you Tara. Wow, I am honored to be likened to James Herbert. I always look for a good synopsis and a gripping first chapter myself, so that is what I wanted for my book too.

      Thanks for the praise, J W P

  5. this synopsis is very appealing, being an avid reader myself, i am one of these people that does judge a book by its cover, if the cover catches my attention i will then pick it and read the synopsis on the back.
    This is great as it explains a lot about the story, gives you a wee taster of whats to come, and leaves you with no doubt that you want to read it.

    • Thank you Nikki. I judge a book from its synopsis and the first chapter before I buy it. That’s why I very rarely buy a book online, I need to have it in my hand and examine it. I am glad you like the synopsis, I hope some publishers and literary agents do too and take this to where it deserves to be, shelves in bookstores.

      J W P

  6. Jamie, this sounds absolutely great and I wish you all the luck in the world with getting it published.
    My friend in Australia will love it too. It’s certainly her kind of thing as well.

    Can we have our copies signed???

    Sue x

    • Hi Sue. Glad to see that you like the synopsis and that you know someone else who would love to read it too. Of course you can have yours signed if/when it gets published. Thank you for your continued support.

      J W P

  7. If I picked this up from a book shelf it would make me want to buy it,. covers all the main story points I love a good synopsis on a book, if they are too short it puts me off, this is perfect attention grabbing stuff.

    • Cheers Vic. I am glad that you like this synopsis, you have followed my progress from the start like many others. Thanks for your feedback.

      J W P

  8. Wow, would so buy this book after reading that….Its got me gripped. Just the kind of think i love to read, great work 🙂

    • Thank you Tracy. That is just the reaction I was looking for. I look to be gripped from a synopsis, so I am glad you were too.

      J W P

  9. I like the smooth style you have, and the idea that he kind of blew off the items appearing in his flat like that is hammered home when he notices the one that had been cleaned and replaced. Very neat twist.

    Thanks for posting your link on #teasertuesday. I hope you’ll do it again next week!

    • Thank you Madison. That means a lot coming from you. I will continue to post on #teasertuesday, please remind me if I don’t cos I have a scatter brain.

      J W P

  10. Yep – good synopsis, covers the main theme without giving too much away, but also hooks an imaginative mind in, with the polar bear, and the “reappearing cleaner” angle. When it is published, will you sign my copy?

    • Thanks Tom. You have been a supporter from the start and I thank you for that. Of course I will sign your copy, you have always given me your feedback and support.

      J W P

  11. Good synopsis!! Unfortunately, I have not kept up with how things are going, but I suspect you will get to publish the book soon, right? ;P
    // veronica

    • I hope so Ronny. I just need an agent to take it on and run with it. I want it to be published so much. Thank you for putting a link on your website.

      J W P

  12. WOW!!

    This is a book I want want want!! And it will be a book that will be hard to put down down down.

    Absolutely fantastic – enthralling, leading you down paths, with the mind ticking over…. forget the time – just read this book!!!!

    Congrats Jamie!! Well deserved. When’s the second instalment? Is there no end to your talents?

    EM X

    • Well, what can I say to that Elizabeth. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I look for a book to grab your by the collar and pull you in, so I am glad that these chapters did that with you too.

      I am going to write a prequel to this book next (unless a publisher wants something else. lol ) with a character in it from this book. I also have two other ideas in my head for subsequent books. I love writing, its what feels right for me to do.

      J W P

    • Thanks Maryanne. You can read first 6 chapters on here and I want you all to read it now, just have to wait for an agent to run with it and a publisher to print it.

      J W P

  13. I think the synopsis is brilliant it certainly had me gripped and would want to buy it. I have not had the opportunity to read the chapters on the web but it sounds like a good read. Best of luck with the publishing x

    • Thank you Cheryl. I am glad that it gripped you as that is what I both look for in a synopsis and what I intended mine to do too.

      J W P

  14. That sounds really good, it’s nice to meet an author who is just starting out as well. I’m hoping to have my first book out 2011.

    Thank you, and good luck 🙂

  15. The synopsis sums the book up pretty well from what ive read so far, but doesnt actually give you the feeling of the horror and terror of the victims. I found it pretty scarey and really gory, so read at your peril.
    A great book!

    • Thank you Irene. You love the gore and being scared, especially by me. You too have been with me from the start and I thank you for your praise, constructive views and honesty.

      J W P

  16. Having read the synopsis I was intrigued to read the 6 chapters which were funny, interesting and I actually couldn’t stop reading! I liked the style of writing and you feel as if you are actually there and get lost in it. (in a good way).

  17. A synopsis which really leaves you thirsting for more and wanting to read the entire story. My eyes aren’t great for reading online (although I thoroughly enjoyed the first few chapters that I did read) and I can’t wait to see this in print on the pages of a proper book. Good luck! 🙂 x

    • Wow. Thanks Claire. I can’t wait for it to be in a proper book either and I am glad that it got you thirsty for more too.

      J W P

  18. I bow down to you. My book is still in it’s infancy compared to what you have accomplished, I’ve read the chapters you put online and now need to read the rest. The synopsis is spot on “keep em’ hooked” it’s ace. Any publisher then prospective buyer would be crazy not to pick up this book and read it. I only hope that i can start writing again and make my effort half as good as what you have done!!!

  19. absolutely fantastic! I will deffo want to read it when it is written!!!! Stop tweeting and start writing this please!

    • I have already written it Angie. It is finished and ready for a literary agent and publisher to say yes to it. I am going to write the prequel to it very soon. Thanks for your comment.

      J W P

  20. Hope this gets published soon! ive been wanting to read it and now ive read this i am desperate to get my hands on a copy! So intrigued to find out what happens and why the things that happened did happen….look forward to seeing this one the shelf!

    • I absolutely loved writing this book from start to finish. The twists and turns in my head were like a drug urging me to carry on. Would’ve gotten it earlier if it wasn’t for that pesky work. Thank you for your lovely comment.

      J W P

  21. Jamie you have such a talent proved by reading above. Loved reading the synopsis – so reminded me of one of the greatest writers M.R.James – just enough *creep you out* to keep everyone who reads it wanting more. Superb!

    • Wow, thank you Lynda for comparing me to such an esteemed writer. I am glad that my synopsis has conjured up such emotions.

      J W P

  22. I liked it, keeps you hooked. Don’t forget that you may have to adapt this synopsis based on what the publisher’s will receive, so don’t throw away your chapter-by-chapter novel outline.

    I look forward to buying a signed copy when it is published.


  23. Just wanted to say this is fantastic! Enthralling, captivating and thrilling; what’s more, it’s so exciting it leaves you with a desire to read the whole book! I think it’s great! 🙂

    • Cheers Sam. You too have been supporting me from the beginning and I really appreciate it. I can’t wait for everyone to read it either.

      J W P

    • Thanks Alan and don’t worry about letting you know when the book is out. I will be tweeting it and facebooking it every few minutes. LOL.

      J W P

  24. Sounds intriguing to me, even though I don’t usually read books of this genre, which is a positive in that it still appeals to me but also means I can’t comment on how orginal it is (or isn’t). Having come here via a retweet I am certainly interested enough to start followng the writer on twitter.

    • Well thank you Julia. Nice to have you following me, I have followed back. A few people have mentioned that they don’t usually read this genre but like the look of mine.

      J W P

  25. This synopsis is amazing, it makes great reading and doesn’t give too much away. It makes me want to read all the chapters though. I am sure that an agent will pick this up in no time, in fact I would get that Octopus and predict it 😀

    Great and I cannot wait to read it 😀

    • Thank you Rebecca. You have been with me from the start and have always giving me your opinions and feedback. I thank you for that.

      J W P

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