I started to write this book when I was recovering from a minor operation last September after the idea just popped into my head whilst laid in my bed. I had begun to start writing another book over 15 years ago but I did not have the luxury of a computer and in the process of moving house it was lost. I had only the hard copy that I had typed out. With this book I have it saved in so many places just in case.
This book has turned out different to what I first intended it to be, however it has grown and flourished into something I am extremely proud of. I have grown with it too with my writing improving as the book progressed. Once I had completed it I returned to the earlier chapters and brought them up to the style I had grown into further into the book. I already have three further ideas for subsequent books and I will be starting to write my second book within the next few weeks. I have a UK publisher interested in receiving the full manuscript of this book after seeing the first few chapters and also an independent publisher in the US. However, I know that having a literary agent is essential so that is what I am attempting to accomplish now.
If you require any further information from me I would be more than happy to give you it.

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