Chapters 1-6 of Genesis


Chapter 1

Her breaths were becoming increasingly rapid as she tried hard to end this as quickly as possible. He had done this to her and she was determined to finish it no matter how long it took. She was in the most horrific pain and no-one could help, or at least it felt that way to her. She felt another sudden surge of pain sweep through her as she looked up to see Derek standing over her, smiling.

“How dare you fucking smile at me like that” she thought, ‘you wait, for I will make you pay for smiling at me like that. If I ever survive this, just as soon as I can get myself up off this bed, you are going to get a kick in the bollocks for that smile.” But Derek continued to smile and he glanced where she was feeling the most pain. She saw the look in his eyes, one of happiness and contentment. How could he be so happy when she was in so much pain? She remembered her first memory of Derek, he had been so kind and gentle towards her. He always found time to be with her and now he was here with her again, holding her as she was in the most excruciating pain.

“It’ll soon be over” Derek whispered into the woman’s ear, and as his head retracted back she was sorely tempted to head butt him so she could relieve some of the agony she was feeling, passing it onto him. She felt that it had been going on for hours yet it had only been thirty five minutes. Still thirty five minutes is a long time to be in severe pain and seeing Derek smile through the whole ordeal only made it worse. All of a sudden the pain ceased and her body fell limp and relaxed, all of the stress emptied and as she glanced down and looked at the lower part of her body all covered in blood. She saw something coming over the horizon of her stomach. A head appeared cradled in a nurse’s hand, and then followed the rest of the body cradled in the other.

“It’s a boy Mrs Gould” the nurse proclaimed and handed the baby into Heather Gould’s arms. Heather stared at her beautiful second son and then looked up at Derek, “Say hello to your Uncle Derek” she said.

“Hello my little nephew” and placed his forefinger inside of the baby’s hand. “It’s just a shame your father couldn’t be here to see you come into the world”.

“I know” Heather answered “Now Mark has missed both of their births thanks to that god damn job”.

“Are you going to reveal the name now then, seeing as though you were both keeping it a secret until you found out the sex” Derek asked his sister.

“Yes, Derek may I introduce you to David. Not Dave, never Dave, David”.

“Hello David Gould. Nice to meet you, I hope you and your Uncle Derek have some brilliant times together”.

Although Derek knew who he was and had become, he could have had no idea how their relationship would pan out and ultimately end.

Chapter 2

Derek’s earliest memory was being smacked by his mother for not crying at his Grandmother’s funeral. It worked; it did make him cry but only from the pain from the back of her hand making his buttocks sting, not for the loss of a loved one. It was the first time that he had been around bereavement and, at the age of three, it was very unusual that someone whom he didn’t really know that well had now gone. His Grandfather sort of patted him on the head to calm him down from his crying and whispered “I won’t miss her either, shhhh don’t tell anyone” then placed his finger up to his closed lips to signal for him not to say a word. Derek remembered not feeling a single emotion, and three weeks after his Grandmother died, his Grandfather followed suit. He was smacked on that day too but this time no-one came to his aid and he felt empty and emotionless inside. Throughout the whole two days of mourning so close together, Derek remembers feeling nothing.

As he grew older he was only hit by his parents for being really naughty like burning Clive’s (his older brother) school work, he had used Derek’s pencil to do it. Or the time he pushed next door’s dog under a car just to see the expression on its face. Or for putting a cat into a bin on the way home from school, only to be spotted by a teacher who was passing by in her car at the time; you know just the regular sort of things. Derek in primary school however was the quietest, gentle, kind and conscientious student you could ever meet, well apart from his one lapse from the norm. His parents continually used to ask whether the teachers were referring to the same boy when they went to parents’ evenings and then wondered why he was so good for the teachers but so bad, angry, uncooperative and unhelpful when he was at home. He never used to do the homework set for him at home and was sent to his bedroom many times for refusing to do it, however it was always completed when he walked into the class room the next day to give to Mrs Ledger.

In a morning he would get out of bed, washed, dressed, breakfast then brush his teeth; and as soon as he was ready he would set off for school, even if it didn’t open for another ninety minutes. When he arrived at school he would either walk in through any open door he could find, do his work at his desk or he would use the door that was locked that would easily open if you pushed hard enough; allowing the lock in the middle to prise out of the sneck on the other side. He would then go to his class room and do his homework. He was never caught being in the class room too early and he always got the best marks in his class. Derek loved to listen and learn new things; whether it was numbers, words, general knowledge, history or science; he sat still and listened intently. He couldn’t stand it when the other children in the class talked over the teacher or messed about to distract or disrupt the learning he so longed for every day.

In the fourth year of primary school Mrs Ledger noticed a change from one day to the next. The day before, which was a Wednesday, the children were the same as usual messing about; being occasionally noisy and not listening but from that Thursday until they left for secondary school, every day was quiet and not one child stopped listening. This is the reason why.

For four years it had been burning up inside him to say something, to DO something. He wanted to learn and others were stopping his progress. Something had to be done he continued to say to himself over and over again until one Wednesday when he should have been listening to Maths class, he came up with a plan. At lunch time he sneaked off the school grounds and found something that would be integral to his plan working. He put it in a bag that he found in a bin, sneaked it back into school and into his desk. He wrote a note and left it at the school reception whilst all the receptionists were being their own counsellors, not taking any notice that he had even been there. They were too busy talking about Mrs Humphrey’s husband who had been having an affair with one of his wife’s Aunties.
In the afternoon, he sat and waited and waited until it happened. They were in the middle of an English class when there was a knock at the class room door.

“Mrs Ledger” one of the receptionists said “could you come to the office for a few minutes please?”

“Okay” she said bemused by this and turned to the class “please continue your reading up to page a hundred and twenty five. I will ask Mrs Nugent to keep an ear out for any noise” and she left the room. As soon as the door shut Derek grabbed the bag out of his desk and stood up on his chair. He started whispering to the rest of the class.

“Listen here you lot, you may not want to learn but I do and if there are any more interruptions, messing or talking back to Mrs Ledger then I will do worse to you than what I have in this bag. Is that understood?” Derek announced quietly.

“Why should we do what you say, swat?” Terrence asked at the back of the class. He was a bit of a bully but had never picked on Derek.

“Because” Derek whispered “if you do not you will end up like this”. He reached into the bag “If anyone screams, or makes a noise or tells on me I will find out who it was and this will happen to you”. He grabbed on to the contents and lifted it out of the bag. The expressions on his classmates’ faces will stay with him until the day he dies. He heard the odd girl whimper and saw them cover their mouths and eyes so not to make any more noise or able to see it any more. One look from him towards them soon quietened them down.

“Do you now all understand?” Derek asked and the whole class nodded.

“Good, and remember not a word to anybody or else you will end up like this” he calmly placed it back into the bag and into his desk. He then sat down and continued to read. A couple of minutes later Mrs Ledger entered the room and everyone was silent and reading. She was going to ask why but then thought better of it. When it came to asking questions about what they had read Derek was the only one who knew any of the answers.

Chapter 3

The back of her head caved in as Derek hit her with the pipe from behind.

“Call me weird now you bitch” Derek said with such animosity. It was then that he realised that he could never go back or do anything else with his life.

Chapter 4

The stories of that day in the class room followed him into secondary school. He could hear all of his new class mates talking about him during class and in the playgrounds during the first few weeks. When he didn’t perform for any of them, it sort of disappeared and nothing else was said, well not in his ear shot anyway. It’s a good job that Clive had left school the year before otherwise he probably would have heard about it and then his cover would be blown. At the end of the first year of secondary school, his parents sat him and Clive down and informed them that they were both going to be big brothers and the following summer his Mum gave birth to his little sister Heather Marie. The birth of a younger sister appeared to change Derek from the very instant that he clapped eyes on her. From that moment on he was completely different at home; he offered to help his parents with the housework, cooking and especially looking after his sister. He adored her and protected her as if she were his own.

He continued to perform well in class and during his path in becoming a teenager he matured very quickly and impressed both his teachers, parents and girls at his school. One particular girl began to catch his eye during the third year of secondary school. Her was Rose Parsons and she sat next to him in foreign languages. One thing that didn’t bothered him was who sat next to him. His head was usually pushed that far into his book that he never even noticed them sat next to him. He didn’t pay that much attention to Rose until the day she started talking to him. They had to test each other how good their verbal skills were in speaking different languages. As Derek turned around in his chair to face this person invading his learning space he literally felt his breath taken away, unfortunately this made him cough straight into Rose’s face. He tried his best to contain the cough in his hands but he knew that she had got the brunt of the cough. He could feel his skin turn crimson and she discreetly wiped her face as she pretended to grab something out of her school bag. They faced each other again and the teacher told the class to only speak in either French or German to each other. Anyone caught speaking English in the next five minutes would have to write lines in German. Derek was first to open his mouth but Rose spoke before him.

“Mach dir keine Sorgen über das Husten, könnte es nicht geholfen werden” she said and from that second his heart melted and he knew she would be the one for him.

“Entschuldigung. Es ist nur, dass Ihre Schönheit den Atem raubte” he replied biting the bullet and not looking back.

”Ich weiß nicht, was er darauf erwidern sollte. Ich war nicht ganz der Erwartung, dass aber danke” she answered.

“Also. Welche Art von Dingen magst du?” he asked.

“Ich liebe Kung Fu, und du? she replied.

“Nichts Besonderes, obwohl Kung Fu klingt toll jetzt hast du sie erwähnt” he cleverly answered.

“Alright that’s enough” the teacher interrupted. Their conversation would continue but they made sure it carried on during the break that afternoon.

Rose told Derek where she did her Kung Fu if he was interested. He agreed that if it was okay with his parents he would definitely be attending. In truth he would have gone anywhere just to be with her from that moment until the day he died. Their relationship blossomed once they started meeting each other out of school; firstly at the Kung Fu lessons, then on dates to the cinema and each other’s houses. Derek took to Kung Fu as if he had remembered from a past life and kept it in his memory. He quickly surpassed Rose and was entered into competitions. He won every single competition that he was entered into and soon began to grow a reputation. Unfortunately that reputation was soon around the school and the cocks (hardest) of the school started wanting to pick fights with him to prove their worth. Derek to his credit always backed down and never gave in to their torments, bullying or peer pressure to give in to them. This appeared to make Rose fall in love with him even more and she frequently told him that he was far better than any of those other boys and he should not waste his time with nobodies like them.

He soon became the best in the region at Kung Fu and was asked to represent Yorkshire in the County Championships, which of course he won, followed by the National Championships which he won. Out of the blue his parents were asked if he could train to represent Great Britain in the next Olympics, which were three years away. He was growing into adulthood almost perfectly. His school grades were all fantastic and projected to get straight A’s in every subject, he had a girlfriend that never left his side and doted on him completely. Plus he was now receiving national recognition for a sporting achievement. In the three years it would take to prove that he was good enough to represent Great Britain in the Olympics he would have finished school and began college. Three years is a long time and anything could happen in that length of time, and it did.

Chapter 5

Derek stared at the open wound on the back of her head. He had cracked her skull, her brain was clearly visible with blood gushing from the impact site. There was only one thing that he could do. He grabbed hold of the pipe firmly with both hands and repeatedly smashed her head into the ground again and again and again until all that was left was a body up to the neck and then a pile of mush and bone.

‘Now comes the tricky part’ he thought as he grabbed her ankles and pulled her to a secluded area.

Chapter 6

His training and studying had gone well in his final year of school. He, Rose and their parents had all agreed for them to spend a little less time together in order for them to study to the best of their ability. The plan paid off as both of them scored straight A’s in all of their subjects. Rose decided to follow the path of becoming a nurse and Derek chose to study human biology and sociology. Derek continued with his Kung Fu training as well as college as there was only a few months left to decide if he was going to the Olympics. His and Rose’s relationship took a step further as they announced their engagement to all of their family that Christmas, and in the March Derek celebrated for being named in the Olympic squad.

A party was arranged quickly, both of their families and friends turned up and everybody got a little worse for wear. Derek and Rose were the last to leave the party and were waiting for a taxi outside of the venue. Rose opened her bag to grab a cigarette and dropped the lighter. Derek being the gentleman he always was staggered to collect the lighter that had rolled along the pavement. He picked it up and waved it in the air and then started jumping around in celebration of catching the lighter. His momentum caused him to lose his balance and stagger into the gutter. It was then that a motorbike crashed into him and both he and the motorcyclist flew into the middle of the road.

Derek had broken his femur and required a metal plate surgically implanted as his leg was that badly broken. The motorcyclist thanks to his helmet, had only a few scratches, that was until the truck heading the other way ran over him seconds after the incident. After Derek had found out that the motorcyclist had died and it was all down to him, a piece of him seemed to die that day. Derek was no longer fit or eligible to take part in the Olympics and although he never showed it, he always resented Rose’s smoking habit for ruining his career in that sport.
After he had recovered he continued at college, passed his college exams and followed onto University to study human biology at degree level. Rose however became a nurse and gained on the job experience. During the degree Derek decided that he was taking the wrong route in his life and gave up University, got a job as a joiner with his Dad’s friend, Bill and decided to marry Rose at the earliest convenience. Once they had bought a house and decided that they were financially stable, Derek and Rose were married. They visited Berlin on their honeymoon as it had been that language that had pulled them together to begin with.
Once they had returned they immediately talked about starting a family and decided that there was no time like the present, so they began to try. Unfortunately their attempts were unsuccessful and on all four occasions Rose had miscarriages. Then one day Derek returned from work to find Rose looking like a Cheshire cat, she was waiting for him on the inside of the front door jumping for joy and bursting to tell him the news that she was indeed six weeks pregnant, but in three months’ time she would be dead.


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